Sunday, 29 May 2011

Where Am I?


To help celebrate my 60th birthday (today) I have a little competition for you

The above photo was taken while I was away on holiday recently. I will give a MYSTERY PRIZE to the first person who guesses correctly where I am.

Please leave me a comment with your answer and I will announce the winner on Sunday 29th May.

CLUE : It is in Great Britain.
CLUE: It was featured in a Sci Fi TV series.

Good luck everyone!

Competition now closed


Patty said...

I live in the States, so I have no idea...just wanted to wish you a happy birthday...this July will be my 60th also!

Chrissy said...

I live in New Zealand, and I have no idea also...But I do wish you a very Happy Birthday


Claire x said...

Well Chris you have stumped me with this one as I have checked out every city and town going and still can't place it! It has to be by some docks or a canal, things in the photo give that away, but still can't get it. Any chance of another clue? LOL. Hugs, Claire x

Claire x said...

OK now I have that other clue, I think its Mermaid Quays in Cardiff??? Hugs, Claire x

Claire Phillips said...

I was thinking it may be Portmeirion where they filmed the prisoner...mmmm but really not sure! Hope you have a wonderful Birthday and it brings with it all you desire! Cheers Claire x

Sophie Doodles said...

Hi Christine, I found you through my Mum's blog and stopped by to look at your pretty cards. I hope you had a fun filled birthday...I recognize the water tower in your's in Cardiff Bay...Sophie oxo