Thursday 26 March 2009

My Craft Room

Last Christmas I had the stupid idea to re-organise my craft room as it had become a bit of a tip! Well, it got re-done about three times since then before I was reasonably happy with it. The following photos were taken last week after a final sort out.
This is my workbench which is still a bit cluttered and requires further attention. The box files at the top hold various things like decoupage sheets, templates and stamped images. The black drawers hold cardstock. The next shelf down holds things I use a lot like colouring mediums, brads & eyelets. The bench itself is home to the trimmer & heat tool. The drawers house all things sticky. Below the bench is where I keep my stamps & punches.This bit replaces a wardrobe and two tall shelf units. As you can see, by taking these away, I am now able to have the 'pooter' in the corner. The shelf unit hold drawers of embellishments and my cuttlebug stuff. The larger drawers hold design papers and various things like acetate, glitters & shrink plastic. Below this bench are my scrapboxes full of offcuts.This side is opposite the last piccie with a table & chairs in between. This side is still a work in progress and requires a bit more thought. At the moment the boxes at the top all house finished cards. Below these I have pre-scored cards, peel-offs and ribbons.
Well, that's the tour done, better get on and do some crafting now.
Thanks for looking.


Hazel (Didos) said...

Wow I am so jealous. I have a desk in the bedroom with 1 cupboard and a chest of drawers bursting at the seams. Yours looks like a crafty heaven. Hazel xo

Rika said...

Wow, what a great room!!